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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Foxtel WiFi modem work?

The Foxtel WiFi Modem allows Foxtel Broadband customers to connect to the internet. Note: Broadband speeds experienced through the Foxtel WiFi modem will vary due to a range of factors. For more information, see Understanding nbn speeds.

How do I connect the Foxtel hub to the NBN?

The Foxtel hub has two inputs: (1) Ethernet WAN port which would be connected to an NBN FTTP NTD; and, (2) xDSL port which would be connected to an NBN FTTN phone outlet. I assume that the hub can be connected to an Ethernet port of a cable modem (to WAN port) or phone outlet (to xDSL port) for an ADSL service.

How do I connect the Foxtel Box to the STB?

The Foxtel box has a screw-in connection, like your modem. It can be connected to your wall plate using a splitter: wall plate to splitter, one output to modem, one output to STB (this would be the simplest method). The STB can also be connected to the Foxtel hub either by Ethernet (LAN) or wirelessly: the hub connects via a standard phone outlet.

How do I know if my Foxtel router is 5GHz or 4Ghz?

Both networks will display in the list of available WiFi networks on your device. The 2.4GHz will display as FoxtelHubXXXX, while the 5GHz network will display as FoxtelHubMediaXXXX. What do the lights on the Foxtel WiFi Modem mean? The Foxtel WiFi Modem has five LED indicator lights on the front of the modem.

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