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Frequently Asked Questions

When did Foxtel remove the F from their logo?

On 14 August 2018, Foxtel removed the pixelated f from the 2017 logo on their website and on their promotional materials, leaving the wordmark. This logo saw the premiere of their new box named Foxtel iQ4, along with Australia's first terrestrial 4K TV channel Foxtel 4K with a new slogan All in One Place .

When did Foxtel first start broadcasting in Australia?

Foxtel started operation on 22 October 1995 through a joint venture established between News Limited (now News Corp Australia) and Telstra Corporation. The wordmark uses FF Super Grotesk Bold, in a similar vein to the Fox logo, and as an on-screen logo between 1994 and 2010. 2002–2012 2002–2005

How to log in to my Foxtel account?

Register and login to access: 1 Stream On Demand with the Foxtel GO app. 2 View TV Guide in MyFoxtel app. 3 Record shows straight to your set-top box. 4 Manage content and order Main Events. 5 See your rewards in the Foxtel First loyalty program.

What kind of satellite does Foxtel use?

Foxtel's satellite service transmits exclusively from the Optus C1 satellite on a primary downlink frequency of 12.438 GHz expanded to adjacent frequencies, with further expansion during November 2009 of frequencies on the Optus D3 satellite.

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