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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Foxtel Now app available on Android?

Watch your entertainment your way and stream over 11,000 hours of shows and movies on demand, as well as live TV. The Foxtel Now app is only available to Foxtel Now subscribers. ~Available for Android 5 and above.

What are the TV shows on Foxtel Now?

Get exclusive tech offers and guides TV Show Name Year of release Genres 10 Steps To Murder 2020 Documentaries 10 Things You Don't Know Light Entertainment 100 Days To Victory 2018 Documentaries 100 Days Wild Documentaries 37 more rows ...

Do you have to have satellite to watch Foxtel?

Foxtel Now is the easiest way to watch Foxtel with no satellite or installation required. Stream live TV and on demand content on your device at work, on the bus or curled up at home. Sky News COVID-19 channel returning to Sky News Extra From 1 June 2021, channel 603 will revert to its prior name of Sky News Extra.

What can I watch on Foxtel Essentials Pack?

The Essentials (Pop and Lifestyle) is the base pack featuring all the must watch shows including Lifestyle, Comedy, Reality, Drama, News and Entertainment. Customise your subscription by adding on extra content packs. Choose from what you love to watch including movies, dramas, and sport.

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