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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Foxtel cost for a month?

Foxtel Prices, Plans & Packages Plan Price Foxtel Plus Bundle (50 channels) $49/month Movies HD & Netflix Bundle (includes Fox ... $81/month Sports HD & Netflix Bundle (includes Fox ... $86/month 25 more rows ...

What are the different packages for Foxtel TV?

As you saw, all of the packages available are made up of individual channel packs. And if none of the packages are what you’re looking for, Foxtel lets you customise and build your own with the channels packs you want. E! That’s a long list!

How much is the Essentials Pack with Foxtel?

With Foxtel Now, you get the Essentials pack for a nice range of premium channels at only $25/month.

Is the Telstra and Foxtel package the same?

If that proves unsuccessful, Telstra & Foxtel have been partners in the game for many few years now. Head to this page on Telstra’s site to see what’s available. Unfortunately, most of the packs do come with a minimum commitment of 12 months, and then the prices of your package increases.

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