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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you add Foxtel to a Telstra bundle?

So, if you want to add other "packs" to an offered Telstra Foxtel bundle - it can't be done through Telstra. You have to have Foxtel as stand alone and Foxtel will let you add packs. Problem is that it is obviously more expensive to do it that way.

How much does it cost to get Foxtel Go?

Foxtel GO – stream or watch live the channels from your subscription on your compatible device HD – Included in Sports HD + Foxtel Plus, Movies HD + Foxtel Plus, Premium and Platinum Plus packs. HD can be added to all other packs for an additional $10/mth

Can I change channel packs in my Foxtel package?

Can I change channel packs in my Foxtel from Telstra package? Yes, this article explains how to view or change channel packs, how often you can do it and how much it costs. How often can I change channel packs? You can change channel packs once a month.

Where do I redeem my Telstra FOXTEL card?

Eligible customers must redeem through an active Telstra account at or on a Telstra TV . Wentworth, The Final Sentence: © 2021 Foxtel and Fremantle Media Australia.

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