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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a channel guide for Foxtel 2019?

Foxtel channel list 2021 | [TODAY UPDATED] Foxtel channel guide: So are you a Foxtel user and searching for Foxtel channel list 2019 or Foxtel channel guide, if YES! Then you’re land on the right place to know the number of your favorite channel on your Foxtel setup box.

What are the safety standards for Foxtel IQ3?

Safety firstYour Foxtel iQ3 meets Australian and international electrical CUS0292 FX03491 10/19Welcome to iQ3 and safety standards. So, to keep it that way: • Make sure all electrical connections are kept safe • Don’t try to take it apart!

Which is the best app for Foxtel Go?

Check out Foxtel GO^ to access the best of TV and On Demand wherever you are. Plus, the MyFoxtel app is here to help manage your account and join Foxtel First, with great rewards waiting for you to enjoy. Let’s get started. ^Just connect your compatible device to the internet.

How to record three shows at a time on Foxtel?

Record up to three Foxtel shows at a time whilst also watching live TV. Team Link You can automatically record every game of your favourite team with ‘Team Link’.2 To set it up, go to the ‘Sport’ menu, then to ‘My Sport’. Scroll down and select ‘Manage Team Links’. Remote Record

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