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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a channel guide for Foxtel 2019?

Foxtel channel list 2021 | [TODAY UPDATED] Foxtel channel guide: So are you a Foxtel user and searching for Foxtel channel list 2019 or Foxtel channel guide, if YES! Then you’re land on the right place to know the number of your favorite channel on your Foxtel setup box.

What are the different packs for Foxtel Now?

Foxtel Now features different packs so you can customise your subscription based on what you want to watch. Start with Essentials (Pop and Lifestyle), then add on Premium (Drama Extra, Sport or Movies) or All Packs to include Kids and Docos.

Which is the best channel for Kids on Foxtel?

Every kid no matter big and small both can enjoy the best children’s entertainment anytime anywhere, all in one safe place that we called Foxtel kids channels on your Foxtel TV. Enjoy all cartoons with the world’s best kids channels, including Disney, Nickelodeon & Cartoon Network and much more!

What to watch on Christmas Eve on Foxtel?

Featuring a broad offering of the best Christmas content from Lifestyle, Entertainment, Kids, Food, Movies and Music, we're turning into a very merry is a one-stop destination for entertainment and inspiration this Christmas. From Friday December 1 all your favourite festive shows are available to watch whenever you want On Demand.

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