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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to watch Foxtel Go in the UK?

You'll now be able to watch any show as if you're back at home in Australia. Unblock Foxtel Go in the UK by using a VPN such as the highly recommended ExpressVPN. By using ExpressVPN you'll be bypassing the regional restrictions in place on the Foxtel Go app, gaining access to all your favourite Aussie shows.

Do you have to have a Foxtel account to use Foxtel Go?

This means that you can start watching your favourite movies and shows almost straight away when you sign up to Foxtel, even before your set top box is up and running. If you have a Foxtel Now subscription, you can log in to Foxtel Go using your Foxtel Now username and password as soon as you sign up.

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How much data does Foxtel use per hour?

In the Foxtel Go settings you can set your video quality to ‘low’, which will use approximately 1.4GB per hour when watching Foxtel on a mobile or tablet. Please be advised when connecting via mobile network, Foxtel Go will automatically switch to the low data usage setting (this does not include Wi-Fi hot spot connections).

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