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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of data is sent to foxtelem?

•PSKis 1200 bps BPSK data sent alongside a linear transponder. This will provide continuous real time telemetry and whole orbit data on Fox-1E. FoxTelem will receive and store all three formats assuming you can feed it clean audio or IQ signals from a hardware Software Defined Radio (SDR).

Where can I find foxtelem on my computer?

FoxTelem is supplied as an archive file (.zip on windows or Mac, and .gzip on Linux). You can unzip the contents and put it in the directory of your choice. Right on the desktop works well, as does somewhere in your home directory or documents directory.

What kind of audio does foxtelem listen to?

FoxTelem will receive and store both formats assuming you can feed it audio that does not have the frequencies below 200 Hz filtered. For High Speed, the audio must also extend to include the full 9600bps bandwidth of the FM signal. For both modes this is best achieved from a Software Defined Radio or from the 9600 bps packet port of some radios.

Which is the latest version of Java for foxtelem?

FoxTelem is written and compiled with the latest version of Java (Version 8 in Sept 2015) but it is compliant with Java 6 so that it works on older Mac operating systems. On other platforms you can run FoxTelem with any versions of Java from Java 6, but Apple and Oracle have not made this simple on the Mac.

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