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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of time frame?

Definition of time frame : a period of time especially with respect to some action or project : a period of time that is used or planned for a particular action or project

What is a video frame rate?

Each video consists of a number of still images, called video frames. Shown in a sequence, they create the illusion of a moving image. Each of them is shown on the screen for a very short time, for example, for 1/24 of a second. The number of frames shown per second, also called fps or frame rate, varies depending on the video.

Should time frame be one word or two?

time frame or timeframe? Should time frame be written as one word or two? At present, it is most commonly styled as two words with no hyphen in between.

How many frames per second is a movie?

For instance, most regular movies use 24 fps, but this number can be as low as 12 fps (in case of animated movies) or as high as 60 fps. What is a timecode? Timecode is a sequence of numbers that describe a particular frame in the video.

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