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Frequently Asked Questions

What is framework laptop?

Framework Laptop A thin, lightweight, high-performance 13.5” notebook that can be upgraded, customized, and repaired in ways that no other notebook can. Proof that designing products to last doesn’t require sacrificing performance, quality, or style.

Can the framework laptop be repaired?

Framework, makers of the modular 13.5-inch Framework laptop that’s designed to be easily repaired and upgraded, has launched a dedicated marketplace filled with replacement parts and upgrades for its portable computer.

Is framework's Modular laptop the smartest laptop ever?

“A poster child for the right-to-repair movement, Framework’s modular laptop is one of the smartest designs I’ve seen in a long time.” “The Framework Laptop scores an exceedingly rare 10/10 on our repairability scale.” “Big manufacturers like Microsoft ought to start taking notes.

What replacement parts will be available in the framework marketplace?

We’ll be offering both individual keyboards and full Input Covers as replacement parts in the Framework Marketplace. Replaceability of the keyboard also opens up options for deep customization.

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