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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to know about Francais Authentique?

Just a last point: to understand or to benefit from Français Authentique, you will need to have an intermediate to advanced level in French.

Which is the best song by Francais Authentique?

Avec Français Authentique vous apprenez à parler le français en prenant du plaisir, comme si vous étiez en France. Ma mission est de vous aider à passer de l'état de compréhension (vous comprenez le français) à l'état d'expression (vous parlez le français). Francais Authentique’s tracks Je teste l'hypnose by Francais Authentique

When did the app Francais Authentique come out?

Welcome to the free official application of Français Authentique. My name is Johan and I created Français Authentique in 2011 to help you learn to speak French in an enjoyable and natural way.

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