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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best thing about Francais Authentique?

The French is real and authentic and very natural to listen to. As you will have seen with the guideline PDF, absolutely everything is in French and this is one of the great things about Francais Authentique; you won’t spend hours of your time listening to teachers explain things in your mother tongue.

What's the difference between Pack 1 and 2 of Francais Authentique?

Français Authentique is all about immersion. Pack 1 contains articles in which Johan discusses different topics in French (wine, typical day…), while pack 2 is focussed on everyday conversations (solving problems with a hotel reservation…) and contains dialogues. Explanations about the vocabulary (audio and transcript)

How is the Authentique based on natural learning?

Francais Authentique is also based on natural learning methods like Pimsleur. You learn by listening to a native speaker. That is the same way you learned your mother tongue when you were a child. You learned other people speaking, little by little you started catching words and then you used them yourself.

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