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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Francais Interactif textbook?

The Français interactif textbook accompanies, the web-based French program developed and in use at the University of Texas since 2004, and its companion site, Tex’s French Grammar (2000) Français interactif is an open educational resource.

Where did the idea of Francais Interactif come from?

Français interactif was developed at the University of Texas Austin in the Department of French and Italian.

Do you need a password for Francais Interactif?

Français interactif is an open educational resource. It is free and open and requires neither password nor fees, but offers plenty of multimedia resources.

When did Francais Interactif win a national award?

Français interactif was awarded the 2009 CALICO Esperanto Access to Language Education Award and the National Endowment for the Humanities EDSITEment Best of Humanities on the Web award (2005) Subscribe to COERLL's e-mail updates.

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