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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Franciscans believe?

Franciscans believe that Jesus did not come to change the mind of God about humanity. It didn’t need changing: God has organically, inherently loved what God created from the moment God created. Jesus came to change the mind of humanity about God. This sets everything on an utterly positive foundation.

What does a Franciscan friar do?

They work as chaplains, campus ministers, spiritual directors and pastors. Franciscan friars are called to live the Gospel in everyday life and to spread God's world to all living creatures. Many of the Franciscan brothers also have vocations such as doctors, lawyers, cobblers, tailors or musicians.

What does Franciscan Order mean?

Franciscan order - a Roman Catholic order founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in the 13th century. monastic order, order - a group of person living under a religious rule; "the order of Saint Benedict". Franciscan, Grey Friar - a Roman Catholic friar wearing the grey habit of the Franciscan order.

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