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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Franklin County Auditor's office work?

The Auditor's Office is not involved in the approval of abatement programs, but does manage the parcels and maintains the abatement status. In addition, the Auditor is by law the Chair of the Tax Incentive Review Council for each area of the county that has been granted abatements. For further information, please call 614-525-3226.

How to contact the Franklin County Tax Incentive Division?

For further information, please call 614-525-3226. The Tax Incentive Division also administers the Current Agricultural Use Valuation (CAUV) program, which saves farmers tax dollars because farm land is assigned value based on soil type rather than standard real estate factors.

Where can I find Franklin County Ohio real estate dashboard?

The new Real Estate Sales Dashboard shows the most recent month’s total sales amount, median sale price, and the number of sales, and can be displayed by municipality, school district, or area. WELCOME TO YOUR FRANKLIN COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE.

Where to get a license in Franklin County?

You may also visit Connell Auto Licensing at 133 N Columbia Ave, Connell for all of your licensing and title needs. Please review the Auditor website for information and specific instructions.

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