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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Franklin County Auditor's office important?

The Auditor's office strives to be accessible, transparent and accountable to the people of Franklin County. It provides accurate information and services in a timely, cost effective manner to residents, businesses and government agencies across the county.

What does the Franklin County Board of revision do?

The Franklin County Board of Revision (BOR) hears complaints on the market value of your property and can adjust the value based on presented evidence. Due to the recent passage of Ohio Senate Bill 57, a property owner may challenge the 2020 appraised value of their property if the property’s value was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to file a complaint against Franklin County?

Complaints may also be submitted by email to [email protected] The form must be notarized, signed, and contain any supplemental documents described in the form instructions section.

What does Adamh do for Franklin County Ohio?

ADAMH helps Franklin County residents find the right places to turn for affordable, quality alcohol, drug addiction and mental health services. ADAMH is mandated to plan, fund and evaluate the behavioral health care services in our community.

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