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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Franklin County Auditor's office important?

The Auditor's office strives to be accessible, transparent and accountable to the people of Franklin County. It provides accurate information and services in a timely, cost effective manner to residents, businesses and government agencies across the county.

Who are the government offices in Franklin County?

Offices located in the Government Center are: Assessor, Auditor, Area Planning, Commissioners, Franklin County Economic Development, Health Department, Park and Recreation, Purdue Cooperative Extension Service, Recorder, Surveyor, Treasurer, Veteran's Services.

Where to find tax incentives in Franklin County?

The Tax Incentives Hub is a one-stop shop for information about current property tax incentives in Franklin County. The new Real Estate Sales Dashboard shows the most recent month’s total sales amount, median sale price, and the number of sales, and can be displayed by municipality, school district, or area.

Where is the Sheriff of Franklin County Indiana?

Read More. Address 371 Main St, Brookville, IN 47012, USA Phone +1 765-647-4138 Fax +765-647-6991 Franklin County Sheriff Department A department sworn to protect and serve the citizens of Franklin County, Indiana. Helpful Links

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