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Frequently Asked Questions

How to contact the Franklin County Auditor's office?

Custom services include tabular reports of geographic information, special geographic analysis or other related services. More information about these products and services can be obtained by calling our office (614-525-4663) or emailing [email protected]

When was the Franklin County Auditor geospatial system created?

The Franklin County Auditor's Geographic Information System (GIS) was launched in February 1987 and has evolved into a suite of GeoSpatial Technologies leveraged by the office to answer complexed geographically based questions.

Where can I find Franklin County Ohio real estate dashboard?

The new Real Estate Sales Dashboard shows the most recent month’s total sales amount, median sale price, and the number of sales, and can be displayed by municipality, school district, or area. WELCOME TO YOUR FRANKLIN COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE.

How are datasets used by Franklin County Auditor?

Many of the datasets used by Auditor staff are provided for download on a nightly basis and can be leveraged by other county agencies, local governments, private industry and citizens alike.

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