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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of the Franklin County Auditor?

One of the main responsibilities of the Franklin County Auditor’s office is maintaining and updating all records that are related to real estate. The office also sets values for every real estate parcel in the county for property taxes.

When is the next Franklin County Auditor update?

The next Triennial Update will take place in 2026. The International Association of Assessing Officers in August 2017 honored the Franklin County Auditor’s Office with its Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration, the highest professional honor an assessment jurisdiction can receive.

Where can I find Franklin County Ohio real estate dashboard?

The new Real Estate Sales Dashboard shows the most recent month’s total sales amount, median sale price, and the number of sales, and can be displayed by municipality, school district, or area. WELCOME TO YOUR FRANKLIN COUNTY AUDITOR'S OFFICE.

What does tax accounting do in Franklin County?

The Tax Accounting section provides a service to Franklin County townships and municipalities by collecting surcharges for special services such as weed cutting and sidewalk installation, and special improvement districts.

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