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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Franklin County Auditor do?

The Auditor also serves as the county's chief fiscal officer, safeguarding county money with innovative ideas and initiatives that protect the residents of Franklin County. The Auditor's office strives to be accessible, transparent and accountable to the people of Franklin County.

Where can I find information about property tax incentives in Franklin County?

Your Franklin County Auditor’s Office has developed a new Tax Incentive Hub to serve as an accessible and comprehensive source of information about property tax incentives in Franklin County. The tax incentive data below as well as additional information can be viewed on the Tax Incentive Hub here:

Is the Franklin County Auditor's office open on Christmas Day 2019?

NOTICE: Thank you for visiting the Franklin County Auditor website. The office will be closed in observance of Christmas and New Year's Day on Thursday, December 23 at 12-5PM, Friday, December 24 at 8AM-5PM, and Friday, December 31 at 8AM-5PM.

What does the county auditor's office do?

The office licenses our dogs, as required by state law; assesses property values that determine property taxes, and helps senior, veteran and disabled populations get tax relief. The Auditor's office also oversees all of the county's weights and measures, ensuring consumers get what they pay for at gas pumps and retail store scanners.

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