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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the courts in North Carolina?

In the state court system, North Carolina's trial-level courts are the District Court and Superior Court, although the Superior Court hears some appeals from the District Court.

What is a clerk of court?

A clerk of courts is a person responsible for recording the activities and statements of those taking part in the actions of a court. As an important part of the judicial system, the clerk of courts must maintain all records and administer oaths to witnesses and jurors.

What is a court record clerk?

A court clerk or a court reporter takes down a record of oral proceedings . That written record (and all other evidence) is preserved at least long enough for all appeals to be exhausted, or for some further period of time provided by law (for example, in some U.S. states, death penalty statutes provide that all evidence must be preserved for an extended period of time).

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