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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Franklin County PA property tax records?

The assessment office values all land and improvements within the County. Updated records are available via counter computer and/or individual property record cards. This office also prepares tax bills for the County, Municipal, and School Districts.

Is the Franklin County Recorder's office still open?

The Franklin County Recorder’s office had its busiest year on record in 2020, despite closing our physical office to the public in March. We have compiled statistics from Recorder O'Connor's first term as well as highlights from 2020. Click here to view the release.

What is the mission of the Franklin County Recorder?

Mission Statement The Mission of the Franklin County Recorder's Office is to record, preserve, protect and retrieve real estate, personal property, and other records for the public so their property interests are safeguarded, and so those records can be efficiently retrieved.

How much is Franklin County Recorder of deeds?

Here in the Franklin County Recorder’s office, we provide copies of deeds for free and certified copies of deeds for $2 per page and $1 for certification (a total of $5 for two-page deeds). You can click the Search Records button at the top of this page to search your property and print off any related documents, free of charge.

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