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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Franklin County Recorder's office do?

The Mission of the Franklin County Recorder's Office is to record, preserve, protect and retrieve real estate, personal property, and other records for the public so their property interests are safeguarded, and so those records can be efficiently retrieved.

How do I get public records in Franklin County Ohio?

Any person who makes a request to inspect or copy the public records in the care and custody of the Office of the Clerk of the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas and Court of Appeals for the Tenth Appellate District of Ohio does not have to submit a records request in writing.

Where can I find the record retention schedules for Franklin County?

Our record retention schedules, as approved by the Franklin County Records Commission and Auditor of State, are updated regularly and are available for inspection from our Office´s Compliance Officer, the managers of each of our legal divisions and auto title branches, and at each records storage location.

How do I get access to the Franklin County Circuit Court?

Contact the Franklin County Circuit Court Clerk’s Office to obtain a user name and password for access. The fee for the subscription is currently $350.00 per year. Access can be made by clicking on the link below and entering your username and password. general informational purposes only.

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