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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to rent the whole zoo?

Rent the entire Zoo! Give your event guests an experience they'll never forget. Use the Zoos' rich educational resources in your classroom. Tune in live to our gorilla and wolf cams. Purchase a seed stick in our free-flight exhibit, and you're sure to make some colorful friends.

What to do for a birthday party at the zoo?

Calling all party animals! For a wild experience, host your next birthday party at the Zoo. Purchase a personalized Zoo message that's sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face! Enjoy a virtual continental breakfast alongside a few wild friends.

What to do at the zoo in New England?

The passion, enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers help make Zoo New England thrive. We've got hands-on learning options for every age. Bring your students to our living classroom. Take a careful look around each exhibit, and you'll likely see signs of Animal Enrichment. Rent the entire Zoo!

How big is the playground at the Stone Zoo?

Climb over, under and through our 10,000-square-foot playground, open year-round. You host the party, and we'll bring along some WILD guests! Wildlife and wonder meet in our hands-on education programs for kids.

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