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Frequently Asked Questions

How many sensors does the Franklin stud finder use?

Franklin Sensors stud finders have been outperforming the competition online and in stores around the world. Try one for yourself. Unlike conventional stud finders which use only 1 or 2 sensors, the Franklin Sensors ProSensor 710 and 710+ use 13 sensors simultaneously to detect studs.

Which is the best stud finder for curbside pickup?

Curbside pickup available. Franklin Sensors has built its reputation on professional-grade stud finders that give you accurate readings. The ProSensor 710+ doesn't waste your time with calibration procedures or inaccurate readings.

Is there a stud finder for sheet rock?

The only difference is the bubble level on the lid/battery cover. Both are great stud finders. I have 7/16” paneling on top of sheet rock. Will this sensor still find the stud? I need to know if it will work on the roof to find the truss. Is it stronge enough to read though a shingle roof with plywood under it

When did the first stud finder come out?

The first set of stud finders came in the 20th century, and they were magnetic, which relies on the magnets within to identify the metals in the walls, which also include nails. The attraction becomes strong whenever the magnet goes closely to the iron within the building.

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