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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Franklin Dynatech fund a good investment?

Because of its focus on innovation, management tends to dip down into the market-cap spectrum to find mid-cap companies that, while less established than the Googles and Apples of the tech world, have developed new and promising ideas. Management also has a strong buy-and-hold discipline, as evidenced by the fund's 31 percent turnover ratio.

What kind of returns does Franklin Dynatech have?

This fund's distinctive nature was perhaps most evident in 2000. When the tech bubble burst, devastating most tech-heavy funds, Franklin DynaTech managed to finish the year in the top half of Morningstar's large-growth category. As of late December, the fund's trailing 10-year returns landed it in the top 5 percent of that same category.

When does CDSC apply for Franklin rising dividends?

For net asset value (NAV) purchases, a 1% contingent deferred sales charge (CDSC) may apply to shares redeemed within 18 months. Source: Morningstar®.

What are the views of Franklin Templeton Funds?

Our Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions team retain the view that global expansion especially… As the global economic recovery roars ahead, but with growing concerns about the effects of… LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT FUND? Need Help Finding Something? Visit our 'How do I?' section for more information about navigating the site.

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