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Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in a Franklin Dynatech fund?

The Fund seeks capital appreciation. The Fund seeks investments primarily in companies which management believes are leaders in innovation, take advantage of new technologies, have superior management, and benefit from new industry conditions in the dynamically changing global economy.

What is the Morningstar rating for Franklin Dynatech?

The Morningstar Analysis section contains a thorough evaluation of an investment’s merits and drawbacks and often discusses the most important or decisive factors leading to the fund’s overall rating. Will FKDNX outperform in future?

Who is the Chief Investment Officer of Franklin Templeton?

In this Allocation Views, our Franklin Templeton Investment Solutions team explores the potential… Our high yield corporate credit team has been monitoring how inflation is impacting various market… Our Chief Market Strategist, Stephen Dover, and economists from Franklin Templeton’s specialist… LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT FUND?

What is the process pillar of Franklin Dynatech?

The Process Pillar is our assessment of how sensible, clearly defined, and repeatable FKDNX’s performance objective and investment process is for both security selection and portfolio construction. The People Pillar is our evaluation of the FKDNX management team’s experience and ability.

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