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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Franklin Custodian Funds?

Company Overview. Franklin Custodian Funds - Franklin Income Fund is an open-ended balanced mutual fund launched by Franklin Resources, Inc. The fund is managed by Franklin Advisers, Inc. It invests in the public equity and fixed income markets of countries across the globe. For its equity portion, the fund invests in stocks...

What is Franklin Income Fund Class C?

Fund Profile and Description. Franklin Income C Fund seeks to maximize income while maintaining prospects for capital appreciation. Franklin Income C Fund normally invests in a diversified portfolio of debt and equity securities.

Who owns Franklin Mutual Funds -?

The Johnson family built and owns about 40% of NYSE-listed mutual fund giant Franklin Resources. As of December 2020, the firm oversees nearly $1.5 trillion in assets under management. It was started in 1947 by Rupert H. Johnson as a retail brokerage firm on Wall Street; his son Charles became CEO in 1957.

What is a Franklin mutual quest fund?

Franklin Mutual Quest Fund is an open-end fund incorporated in the USA. The Fund's objective is capital appreciation. The Fund invests mainly in equity securities of companies that the Manager believes are available at market prices less than their value based on certain recognized or objective criteria.

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