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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Franklin Templeton helping SBI Mutual Fund?

Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund will provide all assistance to SBI Mutual Fund to distribute the available cash to the respective unitholders, at the earliest,” the fund house added.

When to stop SIP in Franklin Templeton Funds?

As an example, we have taken Franklin India Smaller Companies Fund to stop its SIP online. IMPORTANT UPDATE - Please note that Franklin Templeton Fund House has wound up below Schemes with effect from the Cut-off timings of 23rd Apr 2020 and hence, you cannot perform any operations on these funds, including Withdrawing your Money.

What was Supreme Court decision on Franklin Templeton Mutual Fund?

Earlier, the Supreme Court had directed Franklin Templeton to distribute Rs 9,122 crore to unitholders of the six schemes that were shut by the mutual fund house in April. The apex court had directed SBI Mutual Fund to carry out the exercise of disbursement.

What is the current AUM of Franklin Templeton?

Post this payout, the schemes have returned INR 21,080.34 crores to unitholders amounting to 84% of AUM as on April 23, 2020. The cash available for distribution stands at INR 88.72 crores as on July 15, 2021.

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