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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there taxi cabs in Franklin, TN?

A-1 Brentwood / Franklin Taxi of the Franklin, TN is a licensed and franchised taxi Cab proudly serving Williamson County since 1999. Our staff specializes in customer service skills; customer service is our profession and we take pride in doing that.

Is there a taxi to BNA from Springhill TN?

A1 Taxi is your #1 choice for transportation in Brentwood, Franklin, Springhill, Columbia TN, We offer Limo Taxis to BNA Airport for the same prices as Taxi! A-1 Brentwood Frankiln Taxi & Limo BNA Airport Transportation Contact A-1 Brentwood / Franklin Taxi today at: (615) 373-8294 Cheaper Rates than Uber or Lyft

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