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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the Franklin zoning ordinance?

The Franklin Zoning Ordinance is intended to facilitate the type of high-quality, vibrant, and sustainable development prescribed by Envision Franklin . Links to the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Maps are below. Printed versions of the text, maps, and other attachments can also be found at the Planning Department for public review.

Where can I find the city of Franklin's GIS data?

You can also find our interactive maps on the City of Franklin Public Maps Gallery The City of Franklin will provide GIS data for a nominal fee to the public (please see data pricing below). If you would like to request data please use the Tax Grid Map to find the specific tax grid number you would like data for.

What kind of maps does the town of Franklin produce?

The Town of Franklin produces a variety of maps created by the GIS Department for use by both Town staff and members of the public. Listed below is a collection of interactive thematic maps, which provide information about a unique topic or theme.

Where can I find information on individual parcels in Williamson County?

For information on individual parcels, please access the online interactive maps. Questions can be directed to Williamson County Planning Staff. Please call (615) 790-5725 for assistance.

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