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Frequently Asked Questions

Is frankfranklin a good brand for stud finders?

Franklin Sensors has built its reputation on professional-grade stud finders that give you accurate readings. The ProSensor 710 doesn't waste your time with calibration procedures or inaccurate readings. Just press and scan to find studs instantly. You can also measure and level with 1 tool.

What is the best professional stud finder for home use?

Our Pro team typically prefers a separate level or cross line laser, so the Franklin ProSensor 710 gets our nod as the best professional stud finder. If you want the level, it’s just $5 more.

How accurate is frankfranklin prosensor 710 stud sensor?

Franklin ProSensor 710 is the reliable tool giving accurate results. It also saves your time in finding the material by yourself. One of the qualities of this stud sensor is that it can find the width of the hidden objects. You can also visualize the position of the studs with the help of LED lights which illuminates after that finding.

Which zircon stud finder should I buy?

The Zircon StudSensor e50 will give you basic wood and metal stud detection at an affordable price without lacking precision. This finder packs a lot of handy features within its small price tag. Capable of detecting both wood and metal studs, the finder will flash and beep once it has picked up the edge of a stud.

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