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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you become a member of Club Penguin for free?

There are two ways for kids to enjoy Club Penguin. Joining the site, picking and modifying your penguin avatar and moving around Club Penguin's virtual world is completely free. Anyone can create a penguin with a free account, and the steps are relatively easy compared to most online membership signup pages.

How do you create an account on Club Penguin?

How to Create an Account on Club Penguin Island: (Through Official Page) Tap the Create Account button right in the Navigation Tab Bar. You will need to enter in (If you are under the age of 13, please have a Parent/Guardian assistance you with Creating an Account): Name your penguin You’re all set done!

What are the benefits of a Club Penguin membership?

We are going to tell you just some of the best benefits of having a paid Club Penguin membership. All Games & Exclusive Games - As a paid member on Club Penguin, you will have access to all of the games, including exclusive mini-games that are for members only. You will be able to go on a lot of different quests and grab the rare items as rewards.

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