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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a DVD player on your computer?

Click the "Start" button in the bottom left corner of the computer screen and then select "My Computer.". Right-click on the DVD drive. It will typically have "DVD" in the name. If you're unsure which drive is the DVD drive, simply insert a DVD, and you'll see the name of the DVD appear on the drive.

How do I download a DVD player for my laptop?

Insert the DVD into the laptop's CD-ROM drive compartment. Click the "Start" button. Click the "Computer" or "My Computer" (depending on your operating system) folder tab to access Windows Explorer. Right-click the "DVD Drive (D:)" tab below the "Devices with Removable Storage" section of the Windows Explorer screen.

How do you upload a DVD to your computer?

Insert the DVD into your computer. If it starts playing, press "Stop.". Select the DVD drive in the main window of the DVD ripper. It will locate the DVD. Click on the folder where you wish to transfer the DVD.

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