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Frequently Asked Questions

Can a dog learn a word?

There is much debate over just how many words a dog can learn. Most people only teach their pet about 20 words, but it is believed that dogs can learn over 100 words with proper training. In fact, one study shows that an average trained dog will understand about 160 words.

Is the word dog an adjective?

Write adjectives describing a dog in and around the dog. An adjective is a word that describes something. In the phrase, "the red flower" the word red is an adjective since it describes the flower.

What is the etymology of the word 'dog'?

The word dog appears once in Old English, in a gloss from ca.1050, rather late in the Old English period. The gloss reads "canum docgena.". Initially, dog was used to refer to particularly large canines. The origin of the word is obscure with no known root in other languages.

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