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Frequently Asked Questions

Are 99 sound effects royalty free?

Free Sound Effects. 99 Sound Effects is a premium-quality collection of royalty-free sound effects designed for use in trailers, film scores, game development, music production, podcasts, and other creative purposes. The included SFX files were carefully edited and mastered to be completely production-ready.

How does Getty Images work with Epidemic Sound?

Together, Getty Images and Epidemic Sound will give you everything you need to bring your stories to life. We've partnered with Epidemic Sound to give you access to over 30,000 music tracks and 60,000 sound effects, including stems, from artists and producers regularly featured on major streaming platforms.

What is the free sound effects license?

Our free sound effects license means you can use these sounds in both commercial and personal projects. Create something incredible when you download these free .wav and .mp3 files. From swooshes to whooshes , birds chirping to dogs barking , you can find the right sound for your next project.

Why can't I access my legacy Getty Images music playlists?

With Getty Images Music now powered by Epidemic Sound, you will no longer be able to access any of the audio files in the legacy Getty Images Music playlists or shopping cart. If there is a specific track that you need to license, contact a sales representative to see how we can help.

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