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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the easiest way to do freehand cropping?

In fact, you only need two steps to perform freehand cropping. Here it is: Encircle the image you want to cut and paste and save. Of course, that goes without saying that you will have to launch the CutPaste Photos Pro app first and either select your image from your phone’s gallery or upload one by taking a photo.

How to do freehand crop with Microsoft Office?

how to do freehand crop with microsoft? Click to expand... That's not possible; Word's crop tool is strictly rectangular. If you're a glutton for punishment, there's a way to get a similar effect. Choose the freehand drawing tool and draw the shape you want, ending the.

Is there an app that can freehand crop photos?

1 star givers are idiots, believe me it can perfectly and effectively freehand crop any photo and thats what the name of the app is. Dont expect it to perform photosynthesis, so when it fails you can give it 1 star. Shame, not function at all.

Is there a free photo Cropper for Fotor?

Fotor's free online image cropper allows you to crop and modify any image with ease to the exact size you want. No Photoshop skills required, now come to use the Fotor's photo cropper to crop photos and create amazing impressions and images, perfect for every occasion.

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