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Frequently Asked Questions

What is freight Class Calculator and how to use it?

The freight class calculator will help in finding the freight class as well as the density of your product. Freight classes are the NMFC codes which are maintained by the NMFTA to standardize the shipping rates and important to determine the shipping rates for different kinds of products.

What are the NMFC numbers for freight?

All kinds of goods are divided into 18 freight classes and assigned specific NMFC number ranges from 50 and 500. If you have any doubts regarding your product’s density you can use the freight class calculator. FedEx quote has also been calculated using the Freight class calculator as it will also serve as a FedEx calculator.

What are the different freight classes?

There are a total of 18 possible freight classes ranging from Class 50 (the least expensive) to Class 500 (the most expensive). The higher the class of the shipment, the higher the rate for every hundred pounds you ship. There are multiple factors to consider in determining the class of your freight shipment:

How do I calculate my LTL freight rate?

Our density calculator helps you determine your freight rate. When shipping LTL freight, you must know how to handle shipment density conversions to properly describe your goods on the bill of lading. Divide the total weight of a shipment by the total cubic feet to determine the density.

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