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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it offer freightview?

It provides the bill of lading, labels and tracking, too. It's that easy to save time and money. Freightview also collects and reports data on every shipment. Evaluate carriers, rates, routes, shipment history and more with our comprehensive analytical tools.

Why freightview is the 2021 FedEx compatible solution of the year?

Freightview is excited to announce we are the 2021 FedEx Compatible Solution of the Year! We were selected to receive this prestigious award based on a number of criteria, with the focus on our innovative approach to freight automation and connectivity for SMB customers. Learn more… ' Freightview has created time-savings you would not believe.

How do I See my shipments by tracking status?

Freightview's robust filtering system allows you to easily show your shipments by tracking status. Need to see all shipments that were delivered today? — easy. Freightview displays your estimated delivery date based on our own algorithm.

How can I monitor my LTL shipments?

You can monitor all of your LTL shipments at a glance, or deep dive into detailed tracking information. We sync your shipment's location with the carrier's tracking data, so you always see the latest information from each carrier.

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