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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose freightview TMS?

Just because Freightview offers quoting, booking, tracking and analytics in a full featured, easy to use TMS does not mean anything to your customer. All they care about is getting your freight damage free and on-time.

What is freightview® freight management software?

That’s where Freightview® freight management software comes in. Tedious and manual are why computers were invented. Using our Freightview technology, you can harness the power of the Internet, making it easy to manage your freight in just a few minutes each day.

How does freightview show my shipments by tracking status?

Freightview's robust filtering system allows you to easily show your shipments by tracking status. Need to see all shipments that were delivered today? — easy. Freightview displays your estimated delivery date based on our own algorithm. We try to be smart about the time you booked your shipment and the carrier transit days.

Is freightview a good fit for You?

Freightview is not a good fit for you when using only one carrier. We estimate you’ll spend 4 minutes less per shipment running quotes and you’ll be able to reduce your freight spending by 8% through better decision making and negotiating. But don’t take our word for it.

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