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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of transport management software does freightware use?

Freightware Transport Management Software FreightWare controls every aspect of the transport layer for supply chain execution for any type of transport operation. FreightWare is a world-class transport management system designed for the courier, breakbulk, and line haul industries as well as ex-warehouse distribution.

How do I install freightware on my computer?

FreightWare Online uses a Remote Desktop Connection (RDP) client to connect to our robust server. This allows any Windows or Mac computer to use FreightWare Online. To enable this functionality, users must download and install a small program to their local machine to enable communication between their computer and FreightWare Online.

Which is the best site for FreightWaves ratings?

FreightWaves Ratings is FreightWaves new review/rating site of commercial products for the freight industry. Lane Acuity Plus is a new addition to SONAR SCI, making it even more useful to shippers. FreightWaves named to Forbes/Statista Best Startup Employers for second year.

Who is the CEO of FreightWaves supply chain?

Powerful windstorms called derechos pose a serious threat to truckers, especially in the summer. The great transportation and logistics renaissance has begun! FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller writes about FreightWaves, as well as transportation today and moving forward.

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