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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify a frog?

You can often identify a male frog from a female by looking at the area next to each eye on the outside of the frog's body. It is circular in shape and is called the tympanum or eardrum. In the green frog, bullfrog and carpenter frog, the male's tympanum is larger than his eye, whereas the female's tympanum is smaller or the same size as her eye.

What do frogs eat and what eats frogs?

Frogs of all sizes consume primarily meat, and will only eat food that they catch alive. Unlike most small organisms, frogs do not eat plants and vegetation. The smallest species of frogs feast on worms, larvae, mosquitoes and flies while larger varieties, such as bullfrogs, may eat mice, rats, moles and even small fish.

What are the features of a frog?

A frog’s skin is usually moist and thin. It does not have scales, hair, or other protective features. Instead of drinking water, they absorb it through their skin. Glands in the skin secrete mucus to help keep the skin moist.

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