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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the population of Bristol England?

Bristol (/ˈbrɪstəl/ (listen)) is a city and county in South West England with a population of 463,400. The wider district has the 10th-largest population in England.

What does Bristol paper mean?

Bristol generally describes a drawing paper that is pasted to form multi-ply sheets. Bristol sheets provide a stiff, strong surface to work on without the need for mounting. The term Bristol derives from the early days of European papermaking when mills would send their finest papers to Bristol, England to be pasted together.

What is smooth Bristol board?

Smooth Bristol Board Smooth has a smooth surface that works well for graphite, pen and ink, acrylic paint, and marker. The paper is treated on both sides; this allows you to be able to work on both sides. The texture is different between the front and the back.

What is Bristol vellum?

Bristol vellum, or vellum-surface bristol, is a thick variety that is commonly used for art media such as pastels, paint or ink. Drafting or design vellum is semi-transparent, which makes it useful for technical drawing.

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