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Frequently Asked Questions

What items are made from plastic?

8 Things That Are Made from Recycled Plastic Shampoo Bottles. Plastic bottles for detergent, shampoo, as well as household cleaners come mostly from a recycled plastic known as high-density polyethylene. Film and Sheeting. Apart from high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene is also quite popular when it comes to recycled plastic products. Traffic Cones. ... Packing Materials. ... Trash Bags. ... More items...

What is an example of plastic?

The definition of plastic is able to be shaped, or made of man made polymers. An example of something plastic is Play-Doh modeling compound. An example of something plastic is a bottle made of man made polymers.

What material is plastic made of?

Plastics are (mostly) synthetic (human-made) materials, made from polymers, which are long molecules built around chains of carbon atoms, typically with hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, and nitrogen filling in the spaces.

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