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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is grilling better than frying?

Here are the health-related reasons why grilling is better than frying: • Foods absorb a lot of fat when fried – This is true even with low-fat foods. Eating a lot of fried foods can cause weight gain fast. Fried foods also prevent smooth blood flow because the fats that they contain clog the arteries.

What are the disadvantages of frying?

The main disadvantage of frying is the high level of fat and cholesterol that goes into fried dishes. Fried foods are not very easily digestible, and the surface can get carbonized or burnt very easily, if the temperature is too high.

What are 3 types of frying?

There are 3 main types of pan frying: classic frying, quick frying and crumbing. Each of them has their own plus sides, mostly taste-related, and cons when it comes to health. In classic frying, the products are cooked in oil, heated to more than 356°F (180 °C), until a golden crunchy crust forms on them.

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