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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a 20% discount on FTD flowers?

Right now FTD Companies are offering a 20% Discount on Flowers, Plants and Gifts. Price Starts at $40 on Thank You Mom Bouquet. Offe valid for a limited time only. Instant $5 off one-time use code, expires soon! Use code to unlock savings of $10 or more. Click the "Secret Deal" link at top of Free $20 gift code!

Are there any FTD coupons for Belle of the ball?

FTD flowers promo codes 2018 Belle of the Ball Bouquet for 32 at FTD com FTD flowers coupon codes 2018 Lavender Fields Mixed Flower Bouquet for 24 at FTD com Endless Summer Sunflower Bouquet for 28 at FTD Save 20 sitewide on flowers and gifts at FTD

Where can I find coupon codes for FTD?

Occasionally will offer coupon codes specific for certain holidays. These can always be found on their homepage or by checking Examples are Father’s/Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, etc. Otherwise FTD just offers discounts via sale; no coupon codes needed. offers many chances to save you money when you shop.

Are there any FTD coupons for fruit and wine?

For holiday flower arrangements fruits and wine is a great addition and they also have special discount as FTD flower coupon. This FTD website is specially designed just to take your shopping experience into another level.

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