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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it feel like to be a feedee?

Feedees often fantasize about being able to eat a lot of food, and the feeling of being very full, even for some painfully full, is nice or even directly arousing. Being fed.

Who are the feeders in the show feedee?

Josh is Tyler's feeder. Jade has always had a crush on her mothers boyfriend Michael. When her mother leaves for a business trip and decides she doesn't want to come back home, Jade moves in on... In which people are sold to a private club were they are used as sex toys... one shots about 1D gaining weight!

Is the feedee story a weight gain story?

A weight gain story. Emily stops watching her weight after meeting Tim, who introduces her to the concept of feederism. Tim is everything she is looking for in a man and... stories about different weight gains. They are based in the universe of my other book called "lucky girls".

Who are the main characters in feedee stories?

This Story is based off the game Pkinad's Prison, which is a game dedicated to weight gain. (Credit To The Artist In The Cover) It's basically about a trainer named Flynn who's quite fond of plump animals, whether it be seeing them slowly waddle around or their soft fat or something, but he loves... Jenny was your average 22 year old girl .

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