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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best funding agency in India?

1 We Care India 2 Aga Khan Development Network 3 NSF Mumbai 4 Reliance Foundation 5 India Development and Relief Fund 6 Ambuja Cement Foundation 7 Axis Bank Foundation 8 United Way Mumbai 9 Amity University 10 AMM Foundation

What kind of grants are available in India?

Funding agencies in India, NGO grants, Foundations in India Encourage private, charitable initiatives in health care. Tobacco control awards, Education Grants, Art and Culture Grants Partner with initiatives that provide opportunities for capacity building and skill training for employment.

Which is the best foundation for Indian NGOs?

A List of 7 Foundations Offering Funds to Indian NGOs All Round the Year Grants & Scholarships- Empowering the Dalit Communities Around India

Which is the best company to support higher education in India?

In 2015, Infosys foundation renovated seven schools in Arunachal Pradesh and two schools in Assam. Infosys foundation has partnered with number of academic institution across India to institute chair professorship. For supporting higher education Infosys launched TFI fellowship.

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