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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best funding agency in India?

1 We Care India 2 Aga Khan Development Network 3 NSF Mumbai 4 Reliance Foundation 5 India Development and Relief Fund 6 Ambuja Cement Foundation 7 Axis Bank Foundation 8 United Way Mumbai 9 Amity University 10 AMM Foundation

Where can I find funding agencies for NGOs in India?

Find National Funding Agencies. NGOs and their fundraiser worker can find out the information and profiles of International Funding Agencies. The international funding agency can provide the funds to the NGOs in India who have Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) certificate issued by Government of India.

How are funding agencies and Grant supporters work?

Funding Agencies. The funding agencies and grant supporters provide funds according to their guidelines, terms and conditions in certain pre-decided parameters. Most of the funding agencies provide funding to the grass-root level NGOs who really work for social sector, social causes, entrepreneurship and associated with welfare programmes.

Who are the funding agencies for Auroville project?

This selective list comprises funding agencies, which have supported specific research and pilot projects and programmes in Auroville and the neighbouring villages. Sri. Dorabji Tata Trust

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